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Wayment : Kanye West Draws Concern After Revealing He’s Drug Free

Kanye West shared an end-of-the-year message about where his mind is and what’s coming up for him in the future.

Kanye Is At It Again! Designed ‘Blexit’ T-Shirts Encourage Black Americans To Leave The Democrat Party

Kanye West, is back at it again, designing “Blexit” T-shirts to urge black voters to leave the Democratic Party.

Really? Columbus Short Makes An Outlandish Claim That Kim Kardashian Is A Witch

The former Scandal star is convinced that Kardashian is a witch and is performing witchcraft on her husband.

Trump Says He Could Campaign With Kanye In 2020 To Get More Black Votes

In addition to a possible running mate, Trump believes West is helping him drum up support among Black voters.

Kanye West to Meet With President Donald Trump and Jared Kushner at the White House

Kanye West is following in his wife Kim Kardashian’s footsteps! The rapper is set to visit the White House on Thursday, October 11.

Kourtney Kardashian Not A Fan Of Kanye’s Yeezy Designs, Thinks They Suck

Kim Kardashian isn’t a fan of her sisters’ style and the 37-year-old let them know it.

Kanye West Just Ate An Entire Plate Of Bugs Here’s The Reason Why!

Kanye West took to Instagram to reveal his father’s cancer is in remission, and in honor of his recovery, they ate bugs.

Kanye West Clarifies Comment About Abolishing 13th Amendment

The rapper tried to clear the air after another controversial remark about slavery.

NBA To Ban Yeezy Basketball Sneaker With Reflective “3M” Detailing

NBA won’t approve Kanye’s kicks with reflective material.

Kanye West Calls For Repeal Of Amendment That Abolished Slavery

Kanye West called for abolishing the constitutional amendment that outlawed slavery, prompting some celebrities to suggest the rapper had been emancipated from his senses.