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Michael Strahan Invites Clemson For Lobster After Trump’s Fast-Food Buffet

Clemson’s championship football team has been offered a victory meal upgrade. The “Good Morning America” host said the team deserved “a proper meal.”

Domestic Violence Shelters Are Cutting Services Because Of The Shutdown

The government shutdown became the longest in U.S. history has thrown the fate of domestic violence shelters across the country in limbo.

Ocasio-Cortez Called Trump a Racist: The White House Response May Have Proved Her Point

The Trump administration hit back almost immediately by dismissing the 29-year-old’s intelligence.

Snoop Dogg Trashes Trump Supporters Following Government Shutdown: ‘He Don’t Care About Y’all’

Rapper Snoop Dogg voiced his concerns about how President Trump‘s administration is handling the partial government shutdown as it heads into its third week.

Trump: ‘I Don’t Care’ That Most Federal Employees Are Working Without Pay

President Trump said Saturday that he wants to end a partial government shutdown, claiming that he doesn’t “care that most of the workers not getting paid are Democrats.”

Here We Go: Donald Trump Posts ‘Game of Thrones’ Inspired ‘Wall Is Coming’ Meme

The font was clearly borrowed from the hit HBO show Game of Thrones, not to mention that phrase was stolen from the series’ famous motto, “Winter Is Coming.” 

The Lies You Tell: Donald Trump Caught In Another Lie After Photos Reveal the Obamas’ D.C. Home Does Not Have a 10-Foot Wall Around It

To justify the need for the wall, Trump brought up former President Barack and Michelle Obama and said they have a 10-foot wall outside of their Washington home, so the U.S. needs something similar, just bigger.

Trump Spoils Christmas: Asked A Child Calling About Santa Tracker If He Was Still A Believer [VIDEO]

“Are you still a believer in Santa? ‘Cause at 7 it’s marginal, right?” the president asked a child calling to ask about Santa’s location.

The Lies You Tell – Comey Calls Out Trump For ‘Lying’ About Raid Of Cohen Office

Former FBI Director James Comey on Sunday blasted President Trump for “lying” after Trump tweeted about an FBI raid of his former lawyer, Michael Cohen.

A War On Christmas? Trump Cancels White House Annual Reception For Members Of The News Media

A war on Christmas parties? The White House won’t host its annual reception for members of the news media this year.