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Strict ID Laws Could Disenfranchise 78,000 Transgender Voters

Currently, 34 states have laws that require voters to produce some form of ID to prove their identities at the polls.

After Violent Threats, Family Of Transgender Girl Looks To Leave Town

Donors have raised nearly $25,000 for the family of a 12-year-old transgender girl to move out of rural Oklahoma.

Transgender Candidate For Governor Wins Vermont Primary

A former energy company executive from Vermont has come a step closer to becoming the nation’s first transgender governor.

Former Executive In Vermont Vying To Become First Transgender Governor

Christine Hallquist is appealing to Vermonters with a progressive message that includes a livable wage, Medicare for all and free public college education.

Trump Will Give Healthcare Workers The Right To Refuse To Treat LGBT People

The administration has officially announced the formation of a new division intended to allow healthcare providers to discriminate against LGBT people and women seeking an abortion.

Judge Blocks Enforcement Of Trump’s Transgender Military Ban

A federal judge blocked the Trump administrationfrom enforcing parts of its transgender military ban.

Trans People Are Not A Burden

Equal rights are basic human rights.

Texas Mayor Jess Herbst Comes Out As Transgender

Eight months after taking office, the mayor of a small town in Texas has come out as transgender

National Geographic Make History With Their January Cover

Nine-year-old Avery has become the first trans person to appear on the cover of National Geographic.

A Transgender Marine Comes Out, Tests Military’s New Policy

Lance Cpl. Aaron Wixson is looking forward to the day he can attend the annual Marine Corps Ball in the outfit he feels most comfortable in.