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Secret Service Can’t Pay Agents For Trump And His Family

The Secret Service can no longer afford to pay agents needed to protect President Trump and his family because of an unprecedented number of White House protectees and because of frequent travel, according to USA Today.

Senior Whitehouse Officials Participate In Elaborate Ceremony In Saudi Arabia

Senior White House staff, some holding swords, participate in elaborate opening ceremony in Saudi Arabia.

Ivanka Trump To Receive West Wing Office

Ivanka Trump has applied for a security clearance and will have her own office in the West Wing, Politico reports.

Car Drove Up To White House Checkpoint and Driver Claimed To Have A Bomb

A car drove up to a White House checkpoint- driver claimed to have a bomb. Area around WH closed off.

The Chicago Cubs Enters The White House

The World Series champions made the traditional trip to the White House and were honored by noted Chicago White Sox fan President Barack Obama

A Very Merry Christmas For The Obama’s and Steve Harvey

A Very Merry Christmas For The Obama’s and Steve Harvey

The Obama’s Christmas Card – The Last Christmas In The White House

It’s been a long 8 years and the last christmas in the White Houe For the First Family.

President Obama Enjoys A Good Prank Sometimes

White House staff pranked President Obama by inching a snowman up to the Oval Office window.

President Obama Hosted The Canadian Prime Minister

Earlier this year we hosted the Canadian Prime Minister for a formal State Dinner. Malia and Sasha attended as guests.

President Obama Sings Jingle Bells At National Christmas Lighting Ceremony

President Obama Sings Jingle Bells At National Christmas Lighting Ceremony