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Instagram Cracks Down On Fake Likes, Follows And Comments

Instagram is the latest social media platform to crack down on fake likes and comments.

Silicon Valley Shocked As Co-Founders of Instagram Officially Steps Down

Silicon Valley was rocked with the news of Instagram’s co-founders officially stepping down from the popular photo-sharing app.

Kanye West Makes An Official Return To Instagram

The star’s 2.9 million followers were happy to see Ye back on their pages as he uploaded three photos in succession.

Snap Loses $1.3B In Market Value As Reality TV Star Kylie Jenner Says She No Longer Uses It

Snapchat owner Snap saw $1.3B wiped from its market value after reality TV star Kylie Jenner tweeted that she had stopped opening the app.

Die With Me – A Mobile App That You Can Use With Less Than 5% Battery Remaining

A unique app that allows users to chat with strangers who all have the same problem, a very low device battery.

This Dutch Town Installed Traffic Lights On The Ground To Warn Texters

This Dutch town has traffic lights on the ground because people are staring at their phones.

Apple Is Releasing a Red iPhone

Remember when everyone freaked out over the rose gold iPhone? Now, Apple has announced another color that will fly off shelves: red.

LinkedIn Adds Profile Photo Filters and Editing Tools for Mobile

LinkedIn rolled out a “quick and easy way to enhance” users’ profile photos with new photo editing tools and filters for its mobile app.

Kim Kardashian Plays With Snapchat Filters In Dubai

Kim Kardashian plays with Snapchat filters as she suffers from insomnia in Dubai.

An iPhone Update To Make It Easier To Text At The Movies

Earlier this week, word began to circulate that the next update of the iPhone’s operating system, iOS 10.3, would include a feature called “theater mode,”