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McDonald’s Employee Fired for Calling Black Customer N-Word

A McDonald’s employee was fired after he was seen on video calling a Black customer the N-word.

White Mother Says She Didn’t Raise Adopted African Daughters To Be Black

A white writer for the Federalist, has sparked outrage with her essay about why she is raising her adopted African daughters as Americans — not “Black” girls or “African-American.”

Father of Virginia High School Student Wants Hate Crime Charge Issued Against Kid Who Put Rope Around Son’s Neck

Sean Watt said, that his son’s alleged assaulter being charged with simple battery wasn’t enough to speak to the way his son was targeted in December.

A War Of Words: Black Female Passenger Refuses to Back Down After Uber Driver Unleashes Racist Remarks [VIDEO]

Their spat allegedly began when the driver, identified by his Uber profile as Timothy, had trouble navigating his GPS map during their ride through Davenport, Iowa.

White Privilege: Police Calmly Arrest White Suspect Who Held A Black Man At Knifepoint [VIDEO]

When the police arrived, they calmly called the suspect “sir” and asked him to step aside before placing him in handcuffs.

Cringe-Worthy Snapchat Racism: White Man Goes on Racist Rant – ‘There’s a Difference Between Ni—rs and Blacks’ [VIDEO]

A South Carolina man went viral after posting an extremely racist video on Snapchat.

White Entitlement: Hallway Harry, Racist White Man Harasses Black Neighbor, Accuses Him of Not Living in the Same Apartment Building [Video]

Another racist has been caught on camera terrorizing a person of color.

Police Brutality: D.C. Officers Stop and Frisk Three Young Black Children Sparks Outrage

Three Black youths found themselves getting stopped and frisked by D.C. Metropolitan Police just days before Christmas.

Racism Gone Wild: New Surveillance Video Appears To Show The Proud Boys Starting The New York Fight [VIDEO]

The newly released footage shows two members of the far-right group charging at a handful of protesters that October night.

Donald Trump Supporter Goes On Racist Rant About Black People While On Vacation: ‘I Hate Them N—s’

A Donald Trump supporter was caught going off on a racist diatribe while on vacation.