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Pope Francis Condems “Fake News”

Pope Francis released a message condemning “fake news,” saying that it’s a “sign of intolerant and hypersensitive attitudes, and leads only to the spread of arrogance and hatred.”

Love Is In The Air: Pope Francis Marries Two Flight Attendants Aboard The Papal Plane

Pope Francis married two cabin crew members in a completely impromptu wedding, which took place on a flight which took the pontiff and his crew between two Chilean cities.

Pope Francis Slams Climate Change Deniers

Pope Francis slams those that think Climate Change is a myth.

President Trump And Pope Francis Met At The Vatican

In a long-anticipated meeting, Donald Trump and Pope Francis finally met at the Vatican today. When photos of the visit hit the internet, many people asked why Melania Trump wore a veil to the Vatican after not wearing one in Saudi Arabia, where a headscarf is customary.

A Candle Light Vigil Led By Pope Francis

A Candle Light Vigil Led By Pope Francis At The Sanctuary Of Our Lady Of Fatima In Portugal.

Pope Demands ‘Urgent’ Action To Protect Civilians In Iraq

Pope Francis demanded urgent action Wednesday to protect civilians in Iraq, saying forces involved in the battle for Mosul have an obligation to protect innocents following a recent spike in civilian casualties.