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‘Quit F–ing With Me, Boy!’: White Florida Deputy Under Investigation After Video Shows Him Harassing, Choking Black Father Holding Baby

The Broward Public Defender’s Office in Florida lodged a complaint this week against a Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy with a history of making false arrests after shocking bodycam footage from a July 2017 incident surfaced.

“He Was Shooting Everybody”: Five People Are Dead After A Gunman Opened Fire At An Illinois Manufacturing Plant

The shooting occurred after the gunman was fired from his job at a manufacturing warehouse. Six police officers were among several others injured in the shooting.

First Lawsuit Filed Against Trump Emergency Declaration

Liberal advocacy group Public Citizen on Friday filed the first lawsuit seeking to block President Trump’s national emergency declaration to allocate government funds for his proposed border wall.

WOW! In 2019, The U.S. Senate Has Just Passed A Bill That Has Made Lynching A Federal Crime

Harris called lynching a part of the country’s “uncomfortable history” that she said has never been “truly acknowledged” or “reconciled.”

Trump Declares National Emergency to Build Border Wall (UPDATE)

President Trump confirmed that he’s going to declare a national emergency over border wall funding.

Why Was This Man Arrested For Giving Water To Migrants Crossing The Border?

Scott Warren was arrested after he helped migrants – but he’s a humanitarian aid worker trying to save lives in a place where so many find death.

Amazon Canceled Its Plan To Build A Second Headquarters In Long Island City In Queens, NY

Residents and several local lawmakers strongly opposed the deal that would have brought another Amazon HQ to Long Island City in Queens. The company said it won’t reopen the search for another location.

White Florida Woman To Black Cop: ‘My KKK Friends Will Burn Your Family’

A Florida woman went on a racist and violent outburst against a Black police officer following her arrest on charges of drunken driving.

Woman Whose Alleged Sexual Assault Was Streamed on Facebook Sues Atlanta Nightclub Over Lack of Security

Eiland, who made her first public appearance on Tuesday, was at the club celebrating a birthday when the alleged assault unfolded. 

Outrage Erupts As Live Snake Is Used To Torture Handcuffed Black Man During Interrogation With Indonesian Police

Outrage erupts after a Black man from Papua New Guinea is seen on video being tortured with a live snake by Indonesian police over stolen cellphones.