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Tennessee Detective Blake Kilpatrick on Desk Duty After Beating Handcuffed Black Man Charles Toney [VIDEO]

A white Hamilton County, Tennessee, detective caught on camera punching and kicking a black man in handcuffs is now on desk duty as police launch an investigation into the case.

A Southwest Flight Was Delayed 5 Hours After A Human Heart Was Discovered On Board

A Dallas-bound Southwest Airlines flight from Seattle on Sunday was forced to turn around after crew members discovered “a life-critical cargo shipment on board” that contained a human heart.

Georgia Mom Wins Praise For How She Lovingly Responds To Her Son’s Complex About His Dark Skin

An Atlanta mother was disheartened to learn that students bullied her son for having dark skin. But she found a song to uplift him, and the moment was captured on camera before quickly going viral.

Asian Woman Riding The MTA In New York City Gets Assaulted By A White Woman! SMH

This woman riding the MTA in New York City assaulted & hurled racist remarks at an Asian passenger.

A War On Christmas? Trump Cancels White House Annual Reception For Members Of The News Media

A war on Christmas parties? The White House won’t host its annual reception for members of the news media this year.

Teenage Suspect Dead After Active Shooter Situation At Indiana Middle School

The Richmond Community Schools district put all of its students on lockdown Thursday morning after “an active shooter situation” at an intermediate school in the Indiana city.

So Sad! 9-Year-Old Alabama Girl Kills Herself After Racist Bullying From Classmates

An Alabama family is mourning the tragic loss of a Black 9-year-old girl who committed suicide after racist bullies at school repeatedly taunted her.

‘Power’ Production Shut Down After Crew Member Dies On-Set

A crew member on the hit STARZ series Power was killed Monday morning, shutting down production on Season 6 of the drama.

Cyntoia Brown Must Spend 51 Years in Prison for Murder After Killing Her Rapist When She Was 16, Court Says

Cyntoia Brown has been in prison since she was just 16 years old after she murdered the man who forced her into prostitution.

Maryland Woman Killed After Giving Money To Woman She Thought Was Struggling Mom

A Maryland woman was fatally stabbed after she gave money to a young woman who was carrying a sign that read: “Please Help me feed my Baby,”.