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Be obsessed With Your Vision

Alvin Ailey ‘Perfection’

“I can attest that as artists, we tend to be our worst critic. Something I’ve learned and try to implement is to be unapologetically imperfect.

It’s Okay To Stand Alone

What a beautiful photograph, It’s ok to stand alone sometimes.

King Hawaiian Bread French Toast

French Toast. Ever. Not shocking since it’s King’s Hawaiian bread with caramelized apples, pecans, and chantilly cream! From @noreetuh

Pack Your Bags-Destination Downtown Kansas City

This is how Kansas City looks at sunrise. This photo is totally worth the early wake-up call.

A Person Who Is Quietly Confident Makes The Best Leader

A Person Who Is Quietly Confident Makes The Best Leader.

Pack Your Bags Destination: Calabash Hotel

Pack Your Bags Destination: Calabash Hotel. What a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Pack Your Bags: Destination Fitzroy Island Resort, Queensland

Pack Your Bags: Destination Fitzroy Island Resort, Queensland

How Malaria Fighters Are Shaping Guinea’s Post-Ebola Health System

In March 2014, health officials in Guinea reported the first 86 cases of what would become the largest Ebola epidemic on record.

Teaching Photography To Two Monks ‘The Big Picture’

Teaching photography to these two little monks was one of the most incredible experiences we’ve had at The Big Picture Project!