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Beyonce And JAY-Z Reportedly Raise Over $6 Million For City Of Hope

The Carters have been working overtime to raise more than $6 million dollars for the City Of Hope charity.

A Young Boy Rests With His Family At A Registration Center In The Impevi Refugee Settlement In Northern Uganda

Over the last year, one million refugees have sought safety in Uganda making it the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world.

Dave Chappelle Donates ALL Proceeds From His Rescheduled Show to Help Flint, Michigan [Video]

Dave Chappelle apologized to Flint, Michigan for missing a previous benefit show by giving them all of the money he made from his Wednesday night gig — a total of $50k.

Transporting Milk In Rwanda On A Bike Helps To Provide An Income

Transporting Milk on a Bicycle in Rwanda
Leon jumps on a bicycle with a full canister of raw milk in tow.

Breaking Barriers – A Fashion Show To Benefit Syrian Refugees

In Birmingham, a special fashion show is being held, to support a specific cause — Syrian refugees.

Imagine Washing Your Clothes With A Hand Pump

Women in Dabal use a private handpump that they purchased to wash their family’s laundry at home.

The Haiti Project – Building Housing For Those In Need

This family is housing 26 people who lost their homes in their two room house. When we thanked him for his generosity, he looked surprised and said, “We are one.”

The 5 Hidden Facts About Urban Refugees

Some urban refugees are away from camps because there are no such places in their hosting countries

Emergency Food Saves Lives

Emergency food saves lives and energizes bodies and minds.

1st Annual Toy and School Supplies Drive For Children In Haiti

1st Annual Toy and School Supplies Drive For Children In Haiti. via: @generationhopebuilders