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Giving Back! Cardi B Donates Winter Coats To Fans In New York

Cardi B made her way into Brooklyn where she handed out winter coats to fans.

Cardi B & Offset The Real “Winners” Of Last Night’s AMAs

Cardi B’s first American Music Awards appearance was exciting, since the rapper came through drippin’ in a floral outfit.

Ballin’ Offset Surprises Cardi B With A Brand New Lamborghini SUV [Video]

Cardi B was in for a scary surprise last night when Offset surprised her with a brand new Lamborghini SUV.

Pictures Of Cardi B’s Baby Kulture Are Revealed

The new parents have taken extra precautions when it comes to showing their baby to the world, but that didn’t stop paparazzi from finally getting a picture of Kulture from afar.

Best Life! Cardi B Sends A Message To Haters While Flaunting Baby Kulture’s Bedazzled “Bloody Shoes”

The 25-year-old rapper showed off a brand new pair of Louboutin baby shoes, bedazzled right down to the red bottoms.  

Cardi B Surrendered To Police In New York Over Strip-Club Fight

Cardi B surrendered to police in New York on Monday morning. The rapper will not be arrested but will be ordered to appear in court for her role in an August strip club fight.

Cardi B Wants A “Titty Renovation” Because Now She Has To Tape Her Breasts Up

The new mom took to Instagram to share that she is seriously considering getting a “titty renovation,” or otherwise known as a mommy makeover after giving birth.

See The Expensive French Couture Cardi B Was Gifted For Baby Kulture During Paris Fashion Week

With children’s fashions sporting high price tags, it pays to have a mommy that makes money moves!

WATCH! Cardi B Setting Things Straight, Addresses Rumor That Rihanna Unfollowed Her After Nicki Minaj Incident

Cardi B got on Instagram Live to address the rumor that she was unfollowed by Rihanna, among others, on the social media platform.

Cardi B Slays At Paris Fashion Week In Her Most Classiest Look Yet

Arriving at the ETAM fashion show in Paris, the 25-year-old rapper had us all shook when she showed off lots of legs in a sexy vibrant feather-print Michael Costello dress.