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Bow Wow Arrested for Allegedly Beating Woman In Atlanta

Bow Wow has been arrested for allegedly beating a woman, who was also arrested for allegedly beating him. Police took both individuals into custody early Saturday morning in Atlanta.

Attorney Reveals Shocking New Details About Woman Who Was Allegedly Sexually Assaulted Inside Atlanta Nightclub

The attorney for a woman at the center of an alleged sexual assault captured on Facebook Live from inside a popular Atlanta nightclub is offering shocking new details regarding the incident.

Two Atlanta Pre-K Teachers Resign After Allegedly Zip-Tying 4-Year-Olds As Punishment

Two Georgia prekindergarten teachers have resigned after allegations they used zip ties to tie the hands of students as young as 4 behind their backs as a form of punishment.

‘Welcome To Atlanta’ Gets 2018 Remix, ‘For The Atlanta Falcons

The 2018 “Welcome to Atlanta” will be blaring from the Mercedes Benz stadium as the Dirty Birds will look to win a Super Bowl this season.

Interstate 85 In Atlanta GA Has Collapsed Due To Fire Under Bridge.

Interstate 85 In Atlanta GA Has Collapsed Due To Fire Under Bridge..