At Countz Public Relations, our mission is to enable businesses, in our own backyard and throughout the world, to realize their full potential.  To be the most innovative, trusted and personalized provider of their product, that introduce and/or expand business brands to an unlimited demographic.

We consider our mission statement to be our commitment to our customers.

We use our Social Media influence to bring awareness to the social issues of today, including going green, saving the planet, conservation, climate change awareness, humanitarian, philanthropy and civil liberties causes.

We want to inspire and give the public something to think about.

Being A Follower Is Easy, Being A Leader Is Hard, Making A Difference Is Empowering.

We want to educate the pubic and give them a visual on what is going on in the world today, using platforms such as:  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.  We search these platforms finding social causes and issues that we can bring to the forefront and bring awareness.

To Much Is Given, Much Is Required!