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Wild Hair And I Don’t Care, Kim Kardashian Proves Once Again That Saint And Chicago Are Inseparable

Chicago is seen hanging out on Saint’s shoulders. “Wild Hair Don’t Care.

Mom Allegedly Killed in Sleep by Sons Who ‘Were Tired of Her Parenting Style and Demands on Them’

Two Nevada teens allegedly confessed to fatally stabbing and bludgeoning their mother because they “were tired of her parenting style and demands on them,”

President Trump Bashes LeBron James Over Recent Interview

President Donald Trump took a shot at Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James in a tweet.

Snap Loses $1.3B In Market Value As Reality TV Star Kylie Jenner Says She No Longer Uses It

Snapchat owner Snap saw $1.3B wiped from its market value after reality TV star Kylie Jenner tweeted that she had stopped opening the app.

The Apple HomePod

HomePod is controlled by Apple’s virtual personal assistant Siri, a competitor to the Echo’s Alexa.

Blac Chyna – Fashion Statement Pink And Leopard Prints

Blac Chyna sports her Fashion Nova Leopard Prints.

DeRay Mckesson Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Fox News Host Jeanine Pirro

Pirro falsley claimed that DeRay incited violence against a Baton Rouge police officer. On Tuesday, DeRay Mckesson filed a defamation lawsuit against Fox News host Jeanine Pirro, for her commentary following the activist’s arrest at a protest in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In the wake of the deadly shooting of Alton Sterling, activists rallied in peaceful […]

Elephant Tourism Not Fun For Elephants

Like even though for the eco army it’s obvious elephant tourism is bad, half the world still doesn’t know. So much work to be done to stop this horrible tradition. .

Man Accused Of Raping 13-Month Little Girl

A man is being accused of raping and killing a 13-month-old girl in Conneaut, Ohio. Reports say the man camped in the woods and hitched hiked during his 3-week run from police.

Wake Up, Pray Then Slay Your Dreams

Wake Up and get going and do the things necessary to make your dreams come true.