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‘To Catch A Predator’ Host Chris Hansen Arrested For Bouncing Checks

A TV journalist known for confronting would-be child predators has been snared himself in a police investigation alleging he wrote bad checks for $13,000 worth of marketing materials.

WATCH: A Little Girl Gets Snatched By Sea Lion

A scary scene unfolded at Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf in Vancouver over the weekend involving a little girl and a sea lion.

Black News Anchor Fired After Wearing ‘Unprofessional’ Natural Hair

Brittany Noble, 32, a former news anchor at WJTV, a local station in Jackson, Mississippi, has reportedly been fired after filing formal complaints about discrimination in the workplace.

Michael Strahan Invites Clemson For Lobster After Trump’s Fast-Food Buffet

Clemson’s championship football team has been offered a victory meal upgrade. The “Good Morning America” host said the team deserved “a proper meal.”

WATCH: Man Shocked While Trying To Save His Father

Lucas McGrady was sent to a hospital after suffering an electrical shock in a pool while trying to save his father who was unresponsive and later died.

McDonald’s Employee Fired for Calling Black Customer N-Word

A McDonald’s employee was fired after he was seen on video calling a Black customer the N-word.

Oops: A Man Carried An Actual Gun Onto A Flight From Atlanta To Tokyo

A Delta passenger not only carried a gun through security but was able to take it on his flight to Tokyo. He alerted officials of the weapon upon arrival.

Jewish Watch Group Bullies And Harasses Black NYPD Traffic Agent Trying To Tow Car

A Jewish man is in custody after video showed him and a mob of swarm an NYPD traffic enforcement agent, as he tried to tow away their friend’s car.

White Mother Says She Didn’t Raise Adopted African Daughters To Be Black

A white writer for the Federalist, has sparked outrage with her essay about why she is raising her adopted African daughters as Americans — not “Black” girls or “African-American.”

Three Children Died After Becoming Trapped In An Unplugged Freezer In Suwannee County Florida

The children climbed into the unplugged appliance when a woman watching them play outside went to use the restroom.