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High School Bans ‘Expensive’ Winter Coats to Stop Poverty-Shaming

A high school is trying to stop students from ‘poverty-shaming’ by banning Canada Goose and other expensive designer coats.

Holiday Cheer: Anonymous ‘Santa Claus’ Surprises Customers by Paying Off All Layaway Items at Vermont Walmart

A ‘mystery Santa’ walked in and paid for every single layaway item in the Derby store.

Instagram Cracks Down On Fake Likes, Follows And Comments

Instagram is the latest social media platform to crack down on fake likes and comments.

Monkey Snatches 12-Day-Old Baby From Mother’s Arms, Fatally Bites Him

A 12-day-old baby in India was snatched from his mother’s arms and killed by a monkey in search of food,

Whoops: Newspaper Mistakes ‘Black’ Spike Lee for ‘White’ Stan Lee in Death Report [Photo]

A New Zealand publication made a grave mistake by mistaking Marvel co-founder Stan Lee for Spike Lee in a headline.

Veterans Affairs Official Reassigned After House Hearing Over Delayed GI Bill Benefits

Computer problems at VA have caused benefit payments to be delayed for months or never be delivered, affecting hundred of thousands of veterans.

Hospital Fires Worker Who Wore Confederate Flag Shirt With Noose To Go Vote

A hospital worker from Mississippi is now among the many individuals filling the unemployment line due to racist, reckless behavior.

3 California Wildfires Destroy Thousands Of Structures And Force Emergency Evacuations

Wildfires are racing up and down California, destroying thousands of structures and forcing thousands of residents to evacuate.

Voter Suppression Going On In Georgia? – Why Did Some Voting Machines Sit Unused On Busy Georgia Election Day?

Hundreds of voting machines sat unused, locked up in government warehouses.

Election Judge Tells Black Texas Voter to Get Out, Threatens to Call Cops Because Voter Had Questions [Video]

Williamson County election judge and supervisor Lila Guzman going apeshit on a black woman who was reportedly asking for help during early voting on Friday, Nov 2.