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Protesters Tear Down Confederate Monument In North Carolina

Demonstrators took to the streets of Durham in protest and toppled a statue that stood in memory of Confederate soldiers.

The Untold Story Of Ferguson From The People Who Lived It

We have all heard of Ferguson, but it’s time to hear from the people who was there and lived it.

The Outspoken Omarosa Causes An Uproar At Black Journalists Convention

Things escalated during the National Association of Black Journalists panel when the White House political aide was asked about President Trump’s comments on police brutality.

White Supremacist Groups Hold Torch Lit Rally In Virginia

Tempers are high as White Supremacist Group holds torch lit rally in virginia.

Massive Protest Breakouts In Charlottesville

Massive brawl breaks out, tiki torches thrown as Unite The Right reaches Jefferson monument in Charlottesville, Chemicals dispersed.

Unarmed Russian Air Force Jet Flys Over The Pentagon, Capitol, CIA

The flyover is part of a longstanding treaty that allows the militaries of the United States and Russia to observe the other from the air, according to two people familiar with the flight.

Model Says She Was Kidnapped To Be Sold On Dark Web

Ayling says she was lured to a fake photo shoot, drugged and thrown in the trunk of a car.

Trump Thinks White House Is A Real Dump

President Trump told members at his Trump National Bedminster golf club he has spent so much time there recently because “that White House is a real dump”.

Charlottesville Braces For Ku Klux Klan Rally

North Carolina police shut down streets and roadways to give Klan members a clear route while counter-protestors are planning for action in surrounding areas.

Officials Confirm North Korea’s Missiles Can Now Reach Alaska

North Korea test-fired a ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan. US officials later confirmed the launch and revealed that, with a different flight trajectory, the weapon could reach Alaska,