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Another One: Two More People Injured in Fourth Austin Package Bomb This Month

Another explosion occurred in Austin,Texas, overnight, injuring two people.

Teacher Accidentally Fires Gun And Injures Student During Safety Lesson

A teacher accidentally discharged a firearm while teaching a public safety class, injuring one student at a Northern California school.

Thousands Of Students Across The U.S. Walk Out Of Class To Protest Gun Violence

Students across the country are planning mass walkouts to mark one month since the high school shooting in Parkland, Fla.

Two Arrested After Student Films Racist Chanting Outside Her Room

Nottingham Trent University in England has launched an “urgent” investigation after a black student posted footage of her being racially abused outside her room.

New York Times Publishes Obituaries For Women Who Never Got One

The newspaper published obituaries for 15 women whose achievements were previously overlooked.

Black Panther’s All-Female Army Is Straight Out Of The History Books

The all-female Wakanda army featured in Black Panther are actually partially based off a real 19th century female army from Africa called the Ahosi.

Trump Slams ‘Insecure’ Oprah and Says He Hopes She Runs For President

Donald Trump has insulted Oprah Winfrey and challenged the TV star to challenge him in the 2020 presidential election.

This Teenager Accused Two On-Duty Cops Of Rape. She Had No Idea The Law Might Protect Them

When Anna said she was raped by two on-duty cops, she thought it would be a simple case. She had no idea she lived in one of 35 states where officers can claim a detainee consented.

YouTube Star Kian Lawley Fired From Film About Black Lives Matter Movement After Racist Video Surfaces

YouTube sensation Kian Lawley has been fired from his upcoming role in the movie “The Hate U Give” after a past video surfaced of the social media star using racially offensive language.

GOP Congress Members Caught In Train Wreck

House Speaker Paul Ryan and several other GOP Congressional leaders are caught in a train wreck