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Bull Orca Vocalizing During A Freediving Experience [VIDEO]

As highly sociable animals, orcas need to communicate with one another to maintain social bonds, and to coordinate feeding behaviors.

The Right To Life, Peace And Protest In Kenya

All acts of violence, including the serious allegations of excessive use of force by security forces, must be promptly and independently investigated.

UNICEF On The Ground Providing Life-Saving Support To Children

On the ground providing life-saving support to children, like this little one, who have been affected by the devastating floods and mudslides in Freetown.

Humanitarian Crises “Not Gender Neutral”

Humanitarian crises “are not gender neutral.” When facing #famine girls & women “bear the heaviest burden”.

60 Children Died At Public Hospital In India, Power Was Shut Off Over Unpaid Bills

The head of a hospital where dozens of children died in recent days has been suspended, as officials traded blame over cash shortfalls that led to supplies of medical oxygen being cut.

We Must Fight To Stop Legalize Murder

We don’t need to consume meat products to live healthy lives, we must fight to stop legalized murder.

The American B-29 Atomic Bomb On Hiroshima, Japan 1945

American B-29 Superfortress Enola Gay dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, on Aug. 6, 1945, killing roughly 70,000 men, women and children.

The Humanitarian Crisis In Africa

The situation that has affected many countries in Africa and Yemen is considered by the United Nations, the “worst humanitarian crisis since World War II.”

Police Dog Died After Staying 4 Hours In A Hot Car

The saddest thing is when children and animals die. And man’s best friend – dog – doesn’t deserve to die in such a cruel and unfair way.

Trans People Are Not A Burden

Equal rights are basic human rights.