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This Polar Bear Is Starving-Climate Change Is Real

This Polar Bear is starving, what can we do to prevent this in the future?

UNHCR’s Grandi Appeals For Urgent Action As South Sudan Crisis Enters Fifth Year

Marking four years since the outbreak of South Sudan’s civil war, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi appealed for urgent action by all sides to settle the conflict.

Yemen: From Cholera To Diphtheria – Shattered Health System Battles New Threats

Cases of cholera may have declined in Yemen, but the ongoing war and blockade are creating a new threat to public health as a suspected diphtheria outbreak takes hold.

A Young Boy Rests With His Family At A Registration Center In The Impevi Refugee Settlement In Northern Uganda

Over the last year, one million refugees have sought safety in Uganda making it the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world.

Diphtheria In Bangladesh Rohingya Camps Expected To Double Every Few Days

A mass immunisation campaign has been launched after at least 722 “probable” cases and nine deaths.

Inspiring 12-year-old Timoci Spoke at COP23 Last Month Asking Governments and Businesses To Save Our One Planet

Inspiring 12-year-old Timoci spoke at COP23 last month.

Today, he’s in Paris asking governments and businesses to save our One Planet.

The Plight And Fundamental Issues Of Displaced People In Darfur

We urge Sudan to act over the plight of 2.6M displaced people in Darfur. They must be able to return home voluntarily or to reintegrate into host communities.

Kenyan Police Killed Many During Disputed Election Results

During the protests, Kenyan police killed at least 33 people in Nairobi alone and injured hundreds.

How Do We Protect Women’s Sexual And Reproductive Rights?

You train human rights defenders.

Texans’ Deshaun Watson Helps Habitat For Humanity Homeowners Affected By Hurricane Harvey

Watson helped Thursday morning to refurnish over 100 Houston Habitat for Humanity homes damaged by the storm.