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Is The Refugees Crisis Out Of Sight Out Of Mind?

As western countries build barriers against refugees, Uganda is welcoming 2000 every day.

Pakistan Home To 2.5 Million Afghan Refugees Who Fled Decades Of Conflict

Afghan refugee child Sayma Naseeb, 4, stands next to a mud home in a slum in Pakistan. Pakistan is home to an estimated 2.5 million Afghan refugees who have fled decades of conflict in their country.

You Can’t Choose Where You Are Born

Child Refugees like Agnes, cradled in the arms of her father, Everest, do not choose where they are born.

Congo-Kinshasa: Medical APP Aims to Tackle Rape, Flag War Crimes in Conflict-Torn Congo

Activists behind an app designed to assist doctors document evidence of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo aim to go beyond obtaining justice for rape victims and collect data which could help secure prosecutions for war crimes.

When Your Wish Is To Live In A Real Home Nothing Else Matters

Every day, the 10-year-old collects water for their families at the Karama camp for the displaced.

11-Year-Old Agata Jentala Is Powerful, You Can Be Powerful Too

11-year old Agata Jentala binds maize in her family’s fields in Dzoole, Malawi.

Iraqis Stand In Line To Receive Food Aid In Western Mosul’s Zanjili

Iraqis stand in line to receive food aid in western Mosul’s Zanjili neighborhood, June 7, 2017, during ongoing battles as Iraqi forces try to retake the city from ISIS group fighters.

Humanity Is At Risk – What Can You Do To Make Things Better?

We all have things that we need to work on. The way we treated each other the way we react and if we stay silent or if we stand up. Either way, we all have to save humanity.

A Man Carries His Daughter On His Back After Fleeing Their Home Due To Iraqi Forces Fighting

A man carries his daughter on his back after fleeing their home due to fighting between the Iraqi forces and Islamic State militants in Mosul’s al-Zanjili’s district in Iraq.

The Weeknd Donated $100,000 For Maternal And Children’s Health Causes In Uganda

Top-selling artists, The Weeknd and French Montana, are leading the efforts to raise awareness around maternal and children’s health, and their donations are creating change for people in Uganda.