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Educated Girls Transforms Communities

Education transforms young women. Educated girls transform communities.

Saving A Life By Walking To Shore Carrying An Elderly Woman

A Rohingya Muslim man walks to shore carrying an elderly woman after they arrived Thursday in Bangladesh on a boat from Myanmar.

This Is Her Last Chance To Become Free After 33 Years In A Zoo

Sign The Petition Now To Help Her Become Free Again.  Capativity Kills And All Animals Deserve A Chance To Be Free. This is her last chance to become free again after 44 years in a zoo — We help animals (@WHelpAnimals) August 27, 2017

Child Jockeys In Mongolia Used As Entertainment

Mongolia: Children used for entertainment have no place in the 21s century! Over 10,000 children are registered as child jockeys in Mongolia.

Illegal Poaching Of Sea Turtles

Despite laws protecting sea turtles in most countries, the illegal trade of eggs, meat, and shells (known as poaching) of turtles continues to be a threat.

Baby Dolphin Dies After Beachgoers Pull It From Water For Selfies

A concerned beachgoer eventually called for emergency services, but the dolphin died before rescuers got to the scene.

ICRC Africa Feeding The Children In South Sudan

Katna eating porridge with her siblings after ICRC_Africa distributed food to 1,000 families in Deim Zubeir, South Sudan.

SeaWorld Euthanizes Orca Matriarch Kasatka Following Long Bout With Lung Disease

Kasatka’s was captured off the coast of Iceland on October 26, 1978 when she was less than two years old.

Loss of Arctic Sea Ice Causes Earliest Pacific Walrus Haul Out Ever

President Trump’s decisions to withdraw from the Paris climate accord and consider opening up the Arctic to offshore oil drilling would exacerbate sea ice loss and other threats to Pacific walruses.

Animals Are Not Ours

Animals Are Not Ours: No Tanks, No Chains and No Cages.