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Hilton Head Passes Plastic Bag Ban

Hilton Head Island Town Council voted unanimously to pass a new ordinance banning plastic bags on the island.

India And South Africa In Danger Due To Water Scarcity

Water scarcity is now a real threat in two developing countries, India and South Africa.

Arctic Permafrost Thawing Faster Than Ever And Faster Than Predicted

Permafrost in the Arctic is thawing faster than ever, according to a new US government report that also found Arctic seawater is warming and sea ice is melting at the fastest pace in 1,500 years.

Pope Francis Slams Climate Change Deniers

Pope Francis slams those that think Climate Change is a myth.

Plastic Bags, Useful For 5 Minutes, Deadly For 1,000 Years

Supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths will phase-out single-use plastic bags over 12 months, but we needn’t wait another minute to help plastic’s animal victims.

Bamboo The Eco Friendly Clothing

Bamboo Textiles can be either cloth, yarn or garments made out of Bamboo fibres.

Rover Pipeline Sets Record for Environmental Violations

Rover has accrued 104 violations since construction of the $4.2 billion project in started in March.

The Before And After From A BioSand Filter

The before and after from a BioSand Filter is incredible! This simple solution removes 99% of the harmful bacterial that often makes families here sick.

Hong Kong’s Palm Oil Spill Is Destroying Marine Life

Sea Shepherd became aware of the spill on Sunday after concerned citizens started asking what the white goo was and was it hazardous.

A World Without Plastic

A new report shows that humans have produced 8.3 tons of plastic since the 1950s