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Black Panther’s All-Female Army Is Straight Out Of The History Books

The all-female Wakanda army featured in Black Panther are actually partially based off a real 19th century female army from Africa called the Ahosi.

Mini Hip-Hop Museum Debuting At Baltimore Art Gallery

While there are plans to build a hip-hop museum in New York years from now, Baltimore’s Milly Vanderwood didn’t feel like waiting to celebrate his favorite culture.

Black Activists Demand Statue Of 19th-Century Gynecologist Who Experimented On Black Women Be Removed

It is common knowledge that he used enslaved black women to perform his procedures and experiments so that white women ultimately could benefit.

In The Mood For Sailing? Fast, Smooth And Room For Six

Hilton Heads only trimaran will zip you around Calibouge Sound. Sail Sumo for a sailing experience like no other.

Lenny Kravitz Looking Back One Last Time

Lenny Kravitz Looking Back One Last Time, It’s All Forward From Here.

Jeremy Meeks, The Fine Felon Chillin With Nicki Minaj

Wow! Getting A Mugshot Could Land You A Seat At The Table With Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj Looks Fab In This Little Red Dress

Nicki Minaj looks fabulous in this little red dress.

The Beautiful Paris Jackson Lost In Her Thoughts

Paris Jackson lost in her thoughts.

The Beautiful Mary Jane Blige

Mary Jane Blige is just Beautiful.

Fox Empire ‘Cookie Claps Back

The best lines from Cookie Fox ‘Empire’.