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Apple Is Working On Something Secret And Big

Apple CEO Tim Cook has for the first time confirmed that the company is working on autonomous driving technology, Bloomberg reports.

Transporting Milk In Rwanda On A Bike Helps To Provide An Income

Transporting Milk on a Bicycle in Rwanda
Leon jumps on a bicycle with a full canister of raw milk in tow.

How to See Who’s Calling or Texting You On iPhone without Looking at Your Phone

Beginning with iOS 10 last fall, your iPhone can announce who is calling you. Siri’s voice can speak the name of the contact, the phone number or say “Unknown Caller” when the number is unavailable.

Trump University $25M Settlement Approved

Thousands of former Trump University students will get most of their money back, with a judge on Friday approving a $25 million settlement.

Young A’layah Runs A Successful Lemonade Stand, She Uses The Profits To Help Foster Kids

Young A’layah runs a successful lemonade stand, but instead of keeping the money for herself, she uses it to buy necessities for foster kids.

This Dutch Town Installed Traffic Lights On The Ground To Warn Texters

This Dutch town has traffic lights on the ground because people are staring at their phones.

Group Chats Will Be Easier On Facebook Now

Facebook is adding two new features to Messenger that could make group chats more manageable.

Apple Is Releasing a Red iPhone

Remember when everyone freaked out over the rose gold iPhone? Now, Apple has announced another color that will fly off shelves: red.

LinkedIn Adds Profile Photo Filters and Editing Tools for Mobile

LinkedIn rolled out a “quick and easy way to enhance” users’ profile photos with new photo editing tools and filters for its mobile app.

A Father In Nigeria Started Making The Dolls When He Realized None Of His Daughter’s Toys Looked Liked Her.

I don’t personally have a big history of playing with dolls, and as a large, bearded male who enjoys violent sports, I might not even be the sort of customer that doll manufacturers have in mind when creating their products. I’m not really offended by that.