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Crowds Gather At Stonehenge To Celebrate Summer Solstice

Crowds gather to celebrate the summer solstice at Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England on Tuesday morning.

The Harm In Reusing Plastic Bottles

It’s not the plastic chemicals you should be worried about, but what is the harm in reusing disposable plastic bottles?

Apple Is Working On Something Secret And Big

Apple CEO Tim Cook has for the first time confirmed that the company is working on autonomous driving technology, Bloomberg reports.

HIV-Positive Man Charged With Murder After His Girlfriend Dies From AIDS

Ronald Murdock, a man with HIV, is being charged with murder in Ohio after his girlfriend died of AIDS.

16-Year-Old Dances To Celebrate His Heart Transplant After Waiting Months

16-year-old dances to celebrate his successful heart transplant after waiting months for a new heart.

This Breakdancer Impresses Onlookers With His Moves In Times Square

This breakdancer impresses onlookers with his moves in Times Square, Lower Manhattan.

Amina Buddafly Balances Yoga And Mommy Duties

Amina Buddafly has practiced yoga for years now. In fact, she told Uptown in 2013 that if she weren’t singing, “I would be a Bikram yoga champion or an instructor.”

Ghanaian Artist Adorning London with Large Painted Images

He wants to inspire and celebrate “amazing women who are not given the visibility they deserve.”

Kim Kardashian Battling Psoriasis On Her Face

Many fans pointed out in her mentions, surely the trauma of the attack combined with the general anxiety that inevitably accompanies being one of the most famous women in the world has done nothing to lower her stress levels, and thus has only enflamed her psoriasis even further.

Can Poverty Make Your Lupus Worse?

Poverty and race are tied to the health of lupus patients in the United States, according to two new studies.