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Get On The Water Using Jetskies

Hilton Head Island, where anything is possible, including water sports, like jet skies.

Need A Business Line? Go Daddy Makes It Easy To Add A Second Line To Your Smart Phone

GoDaddy’s SmartLine makes it easy to add a business phone line to your smartphone.

This App Is Certified In The EU As A Form Of Birth Control

Smartphone app Natural Cycles, the first app certified as a form of contraception in Europe, is setting its sights on the US next.

The Before And After From A BioSand Filter

The before and after from a BioSand Filter is incredible! This simple solution removes 99% of the harmful bacterial that often makes families here sick.

Hong Kong’s Palm Oil Spill Is Destroying Marine Life

Sea Shepherd became aware of the spill on Sunday after concerned citizens started asking what the white goo was and was it hazardous.

Hilton Head Health A Great Place To Get Your Mind, Body And Soul In Shape

Hilton Head Health A Great Place, With Great Food Near The Beach, To Get Your Mind, Body And Soul In Shape.

What Good Is A Negative Mind?

A negative mind will never give you a positive life.

When You Are Wrong Admit It

When you are wrong, admit it! When you are right, be quiet.

A Determined Woman

As Women we have to never give up because there are always people depending on us.

Talk Less, Hustle More

No more talking, it time to get done those things that you want done.