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Middle School Denies Conducting A Strip Search On 4 Black Girls After Community Outrage

During the meeting school officials denied reports, that the students were questioned and searched by a school nurse and an assistant principal who accused them of drug possession.

Four 12-Year-Old Black Girls Were Allegedly Strip Searched At A Middle School In New York

Four 12-year-old black girls were allegedly strip searched at a middle school in New York last week, angering community members who are asking district officials why no action has been taken.

Jay-Z, Meek Mill And Van Jones Launch Effort To Slash US Prison Population

Rappers Jay-Z and Meek Mill announced they are launching a new criminal justice reform organization aimed at dramatically reducing the number of people in the US prison system.

A Black Teen Says Her Dance Team Told Her She Was “Too Dark” To Perform

A black teen is suing her former dance coach after she says she was told she could not perform because her skin was too dark, and was then retaliated against when she spoke up about the discrimination.

A University Of Oklahoma Student Who Posted A Blackface Video Has Been Kicked Out Of Her Sorority

A University of Oklahoma student who was seen in a Snapchat video in which she says the n-word while in blackface has been expelled by her sorority.

Shutdown Continues as Nation Celebrates King Holiday

We call on everyone who believes in MLK legacy to embrace his methods of nonviolence and to work for social and economic reformS.

Chance the Rapper Donates $400,000 to Amara Enyia’s Chicago Mayoral Campaign

Chance the Rapper, who consistently uses his music and his platform to make a difference in his community.

Another TV Newscaster Uses MLK Slur On Air, Says It Was “Not Intentional”

Kevin Steincross, an anchor on Fox2 St. Louis, was discussing an upcoming tribute to the civil rights leader when he pronounced Dr. King’s last name as an anti-black slur during the 5 a.m. broadcast.

Social Services Worker Punched, Verbally Abused 13-Year-Old Boy, Family Says

A New Orleans family says a representative from a social work agency punched and verbally abused a 13-year-old boy, in an altercation caught on video.

Colin Kaepernick Denies Report That He Gave Travis Scott The Green Light To Perform At The Super Bowl

So Colin Kaepernick didn’t consult with Travis Scott about the rapper performing at the Super Bowl.