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‘Quit F–ing With Me, Boy!’: White Florida Deputy Under Investigation After Video Shows Him Harassing, Choking Black Father Holding Baby

The Broward Public Defender’s Office in Florida lodged a complaint this week against a Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy with a history of making false arrests after shocking bodycam footage from a July 2017 incident surfaced.

White Florida Woman To Black Cop: ‘My KKK Friends Will Burn Your Family’

A Florida woman went on a racist and violent outburst against a Black police officer following her arrest on charges of drunken driving.

Black Marine Vet Files Lawsuit After Being Forcibly Strip-Searched by Illinois Deputies

A new lawsuit accuses the LaSalle County Sheriff’s Office in Illinois of forcibly strip- searching a former Marine, then leaving her naked in a jail cell for 12 hours with nothing but a blanket.

Woman Whose Alleged Sexual Assault Was Streamed on Facebook Sues Atlanta Nightclub Over Lack of Security

Eiland, who made her first public appearance on Tuesday, was at the club celebrating a birthday when the alleged assault unfolded. 

D.L. Hughley Honors Slain Teen Trayvon Martin’s Birthday By Reminding Everyone Who The True ‘Thug’ Was

Days after what would have been Trayvon Martin’s 24th birthday, D.L. Hughley has shared a reminder about who was really the “thug” during the incident that led to the Florida teen’s death.

Candice Payne, The Good Samaritan Who Rented Dozens of Hotel Rooms For Chicago’s Homeless During Deadly Winter Polar Vortex

Candice Payne, “impulsively” charged 30 hotel rooms to her American Express card after realizing how hazardous, and deadly, the sub-zero temperatures would be for Chicagoans who had nowhere to go.

Texas Authorities Investigate After Black Man Found Hanging in Same Jail Where Sandra Bland Died

Evan Lyndell Parker, 34, was found hanging in the same jail cell where Sandra Bland died four years prior, the guards discovering his body on the early morning of Jan. 25.

Massachusetts to Pay $1M Settlement to Falsely Convicted Black Man Who Spent Nearly Four Decades In Prison

The state of Massachusetts will pay a $1 million settlement to a Black man who spent nearly 38 years in prison on a wrongful murder conviction.

Detroit Officer Demoted After Filming Himself Mocking Black Woman He Pulled Over, Then Forced Her to Walk Home In Freezing Temperatures

A Detroit police officer is under investigation after he filmed himself making racist remarks about a young Black woman he forced to walk home in freezing temperatures after a traffic stop.

Nearly 51 Years After His Assassination, Kansas City Will Rename Street To Honor Martin Luther King Jr.

Leaders in Kansas City, Missouri, one of the nation’s largest cities without a public memorial to Martin Luther King Jr., voted to rename a 10-mile stretch of roadway after the civil rights leader.