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A Burger Unlike Any Other

Feast your eyes on this fantastic burger.

A Beautiful View From Hudson’s Seafood House On The Docks

Hilton Head is knowned for it’s beaches, but it’s also knowned for it’s beautiful views.

Educated Girls Transforms Communities

Education transforms young women. Educated girls transform communities.

Saving A Life By Walking To Shore Carrying An Elderly Woman

A Rohingya Muslim man walks to shore carrying an elderly woman after they arrived Thursday in Bangladesh on a boat from Myanmar.

The Beautiful And Sexy Miss Nikki Baby

Miss Nikki Baby is looking fabulous in this little black ensemble.

Pope Francis Slams Climate Change Deniers

Pope Francis slams those that think Climate Change is a myth.

Man Becomes First To Survive Swim Across Hoover Dam

Arron Hughes, a 28-year-old forklift driver, had reportedly been partying for 37 hours in Nevada when he decided to jump into the water and swim across it.

The Real T-Boz Interview

T-Boz of TLC talks music and the future.

DJ Khaled Living The Good Life

DJ Khaled love to take to social media and show his “Fan Luv”. Here is a pic of him on his way to a meeting.

Wake Up, Pray Then Slay Your Dreams

Wake Up and get going and do the things necessary to make your dreams come true.