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Dancing At An Ariana Grande Concert Never Looked Better

This Ariana Fan Took Dancing To A Whole New Level. It Makes You Want To Get Out Of Your Chair And Show The World Your Moves.

Bull Orca Vocalizing During A Freediving Experience [VIDEO]

As highly sociable animals, orcas need to communicate with one another to maintain social bonds, and to coordinate feeding behaviors.

The Right To Life, Peace And Protest In Kenya

All acts of violence, including the serious allegations of excessive use of force by security forces, must be promptly and independently investigated.

UNICEF On The Ground Providing Life-Saving Support To Children

On the ground providing life-saving support to children, like this little one, who have been affected by the devastating floods and mudslides in Freetown.

Pack Your Bags Destination: Greece

No place I’d Rather Be. What a fantastic view!

Get On The Water Using Jetskies

Hilton Head Island, where anything is possible, including water sports, like jet skies.

Humanitarian Crises “Not Gender Neutral”

Humanitarian crises “are not gender neutral.” When facing #famine girls & women “bear the heaviest burden”.

Need A Business Line? Go Daddy Makes It Easy To Add A Second Line To Your Smart Phone

GoDaddy’s SmartLine makes it easy to add a business phone line to your smartphone.

This App Is Certified In The EU As A Form Of Birth Control

Smartphone app Natural Cycles, the first app certified as a form of contraception in Europe, is setting its sights on the US next.

What Was In Tiger Woods System During His Police Stop

A recent toxicology report revealed that Woods had Vicodin, Dilaudid, Xanax, Ambien and THC in his system when he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in May.