After 63 years, the first and last-standing Sambo’s restaurant has covered its sign following thousands of protestors and a petition with thousands of more signatures organized by Rashelle Mane.

Once a chain that boasted locations across 47 states, it is now down to one family-run restaurant in Santa Barbara, California. The owners said they decided to change the name from “Sambo’s,” a racist term for people of African descent, to something undetermined.

According to NBC News, the restaurant said it would temporarily cover its sign “with a message of peace and love as soon as possible and we are looking to work with the community to determine how we go forward.”

The owners agreed to change the name after a local activist petitioned for the change.

For years the restaurant’s many locations were known to carry artists’ depictions of “the adventures of Little Black Sambo,” according to a history of the restaurant.

In the 1970s, the name and the racist depictions began to take a toll on the business as numerous lawsuits were filed against the then-multimillion-dollar company.

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