Just weeks after hosting a packed service at Richmond’s New Deliverance Evangelistic Church, Bishop Gerald O. Glenn passed away from the deadly virus.

According to The New York Post, Glenn’s last known service took place on March 22, where he vowed to keep his church doors open “unless I’m in jail or in the hospital.”

He got his congregation to stand to prove how many were there despite warnings against gatherings of more than 10 people.

“I firmly believe that God is larger than this dreaded virus,” Glenn said at the time amid the state’s social distancing orders, adding that “people are healed” in his church.

On Sunday, his church announced “with an exceedingly sorrowful and heavy heart” that the pastor had died a week after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

His wife, Marcietia Glenn, is also sick with the bug, with church members offering their prayers. She is now urging everyone to stay home.

Their daughter, Mar-Gerie Crawley, told WTVR that her father initially dismissed his symptoms because he has a condition that often leads to fevers and infections.

She is now urging everyone to stay home.

“It becomes very real to you,” she told WTVR after her parents’ diagnoses.

“I just beg people to understand the severity and the seriousness of this, because people are saying it’s not just about us, it’s about everyone around us.”

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