Cardi B. and Pepsi are getting in the giving spirit.

In a new ad release Thursday, the 27-year-old rapper transforms into a sexier Santa and gives people what they REALLY want for Christmas — money.

According to People, The star is helping promote the company’s holiday campaign, in which newly designed 12-packs are equipped with QR-codes that when scanned, give Pepsi drinkers a chance to win and then gift money to friends and family.

Cash prizes range from $5 to $25,000 and “whether you gift your winnings to a friend, a family member or someone else,” says Todd Kaplan, the company’s VP of marketing, “Pepsi wants to make it easier for you to get into the gifting spirit.”

And if anyone knows about extravagance, it’s Cardi B. Dressed in a sparkling electric blue pants suit and rocking long platinum blonde tresses, she declares in the commercial, “If you don’t know their size, don’t get them a sweater. Get them the gift that always fits…cash!” Later, in the extended version, she encourages a struggling elf to twerk with cheer.

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