The whistleblower complaint centers on concern that President Trump was using his power to “solicit interference from a foreign country” into the election.

The complainant says the President’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, “is a central figure in this effort.”

US officials had been concerned, the whistleblower said, with Trump’s private lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s contact with Ukraine.

And in the days following the phone call, White House officials sought to cover up the call, the whistleblower alleged, adding their complaint constituted an “urgent concern.”

Senior White House officials were directed by White House lawyers to “lock down” records of the call between the two leaders, the whistleblower wrote. Specifically, the officials were tasked with removing the electronic transcript from the computer system in which transcripts are typically stored and upload it to a separate system used to handle classified information.

“One White House official described this act as an abuse of this electronic system because the call did not contain anything remotely sensitive from a national security perspective,” the whistleblower wrote. (The whistleblower later noted that White House officials told them this was “not the first time” that the White House placed a presidential transcript in that system to protect “politically sensitive — rather than national security sensitive — information.”)

The whistleblower said in the complaint that they were not a “direct witness” to these events, but said they found the events credible because “multiple officials recounted fact patterns that were consistent with one another.”

Read The Full Whistleblowers Complaint Here.

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