The Marvel comic that’s titled “Marvels” is currently having its 25th anniversary and to celebrate they’ve partnered with the podcast company Stitcher to create a 10 episode-audio series for listeners to tune into.

“Marvels” is the 1994 brain child of Kurt Busiek as well as Alex Ross, and the company tapped the Wu-Tang Clan‘s Method Man to star in the upcoming podcast.

“Marvels” tells the story of the character Phil Sheldon, who according to a press release, is a photojournalist who “Navigates through the chaos caused by the Galactus invasion of New York City and explores what it means to be human in a universe inhabited by super heroes.”

Method will play the role of Ben Urich, an investigative journalist who works for the fictional New York newspaper The Daily Bugle.

The podcast episodes will launch this fall and be available until 2020. Plus, those interested in tuning in will have to become members of Stitcher Premium.

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