Meghan Markle has faced criticism for almost everything she does, and that doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon.

New shocking claims has been made against the Duchess which states that she and Prince Harry are both “graceless” and that the former actress only embraces royal duties and her title as a Duchess when it suits her to do so.

According to IBTimes, in a tirade against the Duchess of Sussex in Woman magazine (via Express UK), Lady Colin Campbell attacked Markle, stating that the way she and Prince Harry act would appall his later mother, Princess Diana, who knew how to be a gracious person in her royal family role.

In a statement to Woman magazine, the 69-year-old said Meghan and Harry were quick to “trot out the charm when it suits them” but are “otherwise graceless.”

The Jamaican-born socialite said Meghan’s behaviour showed a “lack of understanding and appreciation” of her royal position.

“I’m not sure who she thinks she is behaving this way,” Lady Colin said.

The royal biographer believes the Sussexes are “depriving” royal fans by being “pretentious.”

This isn’t the first time Lady Campbell has had critical comments for Markle, revealing earlier this year that she felt the duchess had “hustled” her way into the royal family.

“I have an awful feeling that Meghan needs to understand things she doesn’t yet understand,” she said during an appearance on “Good Morning Britain” at the time. “Like there’s a massive difference between being a celebrity hustling your way from the bottom to the top”.

“You don’t hustle, the values, the embodiment is completely different,” she added.

Markle has been the subject of intense scrutiny over different issues in recent months, including the methods she and Prince Harry have used to ensure their son’s privacy, as well as the amount of money that was spent to renovate their home at Frogmore Cottage.

Will they please leave her alone and let her enjoy her life!

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