Jaden Smith opened a vegan food truck in Los Angeles for the homeless and he said more are on the way. The trucks are called the “I Love You Restaurant,” and the food is given away absolutely free.

Smith, who, of course, is the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, launched the truck in Skid Row, a 0.4 square-mile area in downtown L.A. that, according to the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, has 2,521 homeless people in it alone.

He also shared a clip of the food being handed out to a line of people.

Once word got out about what the rapper, actor and businessman did, he received praise from both non-celebrities and celebrities alike.

Pinkett Smith also shared one of the truck photos on her page, as did Will Smith, who sent his son a message.

“Now THAT is the way to Celebrate your Bday!! I love U, Diggy,” wrote the proud dad.

People also gave credit to the Smith parents for how they raised the “Icon” creator.

“You raised an amazing person. He is doing great things,” someone wrote on Will Smith’s page.

“You must be so damn proud of your son,” wrote another on Pinkett Smith’s. “How honorable and esteemable.”

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