Soulja Boy has been having a phenomenal year after his now-viral appearance on The Breakfast Club boosted him back in the spotlight. For fans, it reminded an entire generation of his iconic rise and widespread “Crank Dat” sensation that had everyone Superman’ing. 

His current inmate status hasn’t erased that either, and his call-in from behind bars is reassuring fans that he’ll be back sooner and better than ever.

Big Drako hopped on a call with his manager, Miami Mike, on Sunday (June 2) to let fans know he has some big plans in store for 2019.

The 28-year-old is currently serving his 240 days jail sentence in Los Angeles after violating his probation stemming from 2016 gun charges. But he isn’t letting his jail stint set him back.

“I’m just letting all my fans know I’m finna be home real, real soon,” the ‘Crank Dat’ hitmaker promised. “The biggest comeback of 2019 continues. You hear me? It’s going down. The album on the way, the shoes on the way, the movie on the way.”

Soulja also took some time to thank his fans for their steadfast support while he is locked up and announced his is planning a tour following his release.

“It ain’t over,” he signed off on the call. “It’s a minor setback for a major comeback.

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