Wendy Williams‘ Son Arrested for Punching Father Kevin Hunter, According to TMZ.

The incident went down at a store parking lot near the family home in New Jersey. Sources connected to the family says, Wendy took 18-year-old Kevin Jr. to the home he was there to pick something up. Wendy left and was coming back a short time later to pick him up.

Kevin Jr. did not know his dad was in the house, but we’re told everything was cool between them and they ended up going to a store together just after midnight.

Hunter and Kevin Jr. got into an argument in a store parking lot over Hunter’s demands for spousal support from Williams. Sources also claim Hunter accused Williams of “brainwashing” their son.

Hunter allegedly put his son in a headlock and Kevin Jr. allegedly punched his father in the nose to break free.

Williams filed for divorce from Hunter in April and fired him from ‘The Wendy Williams Show.’

Williams also recently dissolved The Hunter Foundation, which she founded with her estranged husband.

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