When things are heavy, even simple things take a ton of effort.  In darkness, hope is hard to find and inspiration is out of reach.

Challenges are best when solved creatively. Great times are greater when you are in a more luminous frame of mind. Adding more lightness and brightness to life is extremely simple and fun, so it may be disarming to learn how powerful it is when you try it for yourself!  

Here are some Feng Shui ways to keep things lighter and brighter. 


Trash, clutter, junk: it’s all physical weight in your space that you do not need. Dumping the trash will make you feel so much more mentally lighter. It can even help you drop extra pounds.  While I take out the trash I often catch myself thinking ” what else can I dump right now from my life that is weighing me down?”  Lot’s of cool ideas have come from taking out the trash.

Back To The Basics

Go to bed earlier, drink more water, exercise a little every day, eat good food. Simple things put solid ground under your feet.  If you do nothing more, even if you live in a tornado of chaos,  these basics will renovate your life force, helping you get and stay grounded.

Try Color Therapy

While we can specifically talk about the feng shui’d best colors for your life, your goals and your psychology, ultimately, color is fun.  If you wear more color, you will feel yourself radiating a new quality of energy. If you decorate with more color, you will have a more full array of stimulus in your environment.  Flowers are a great way to improvise and experiment with color for a week at a time and see what strikes you as the best colors for you right now.

Get Out And Enjoy The Sun

If you can’t actually sit in the sunshine, add more sunshine to your space with full-spectrum light bulbs.

Turn on all of your lights. Do you feel the difference in your energy when they are all lit?  Get a new lamp. Open windows. Get up earlier. Spend more time outside.

Anything Can Be Improved

You have a crappy apartment? It can be better if you even take the time to clean it. Hiring a pro to clean your place deeply just once will transform the space.

My friend hated her bathroom. A deep cleaning, a bunch of  white tulips from the local mart and some lovely things displayed turned the room into a jewelry box of charm and personality.  

Anything can be improved in general. Jobs, communication, friendships, finances, artwork, health… there’s always a way. Start with that premise and you will find your own way.

Alone Time

Solitary space to recharge is where it’s at.

Whether it’s a meditation pillow on your floor or a room of your own to write, paint or read,  a favorite chair by a window or the porch you sit on to zone out: we all need and deserve alone time to indulge in the things that feed our minds and our souls.  


No matter who you are, art can make your life better. Don’t settle. Don’t put stuff that “you think” you should have as art on the walls of your home or office.  

Line your walls with objects and idiom, imagery and crafty goodies that heighten your experience of life.  If you don’t know what that art could possibly be, take yourself to a museum or an art gallery or sit down and paint or doodle for a while.  

You will find your artistic bliss. Blow up family photos. Take pictures with your smartphone and frame them. Look at life through new lenses.

It’s All About Balance

Fire and Water are the elements in feng shui that make things move faster because they are the catalysts of nature.  Some people think that adding lots of fire colors to their home will bring dreams to light faster.  

Giant horse trough fountains full of moving water are thought to make change happen faster.  That’s not always needed, and it is usually not a good thing.  

Too much of anything is no good! Balance is what we all need.  Instead of chasing quick results, move toward balance.

Adding more nature to your life is a way to keep more balance in your space.


Find holistic ways to know yourself better.  Long walks, journals, homeopathic remedies, vacations in nature, unplugging the TV and phone and internet, meditation, yoga, stretching.

Every so often, try a new way to open up the flow of your own Chi Energy.  Some will work, some may not resonate.  


No judgement, no race, no competition, no urgency… lightness and and brightness are all about space, flow and peace.