Kanye West and Jaden Smith are teaming up for a new limited anthology series on Showtime s called “Omniverse.” West will be one of the executive producers, and it’ll be produced by Smith’s company Westbrook Studios.

Not only that, Smith will be playing a young West who lives in an alternate reality, and it’s said within the 30-minute episodes “the many doors of perception” will be examined. The first season will also explore West’s ego in that altered world.

“Omniverse” marks West’s first major scripted television project, and it’ll also be produced by Scooter Braun, through his company SB Productions, as well as Lee Sung Jin, who’s also the writer.

“Omniverse is not set in our world nor about our world’s Kanye West as we aim to add a new spin on alternate realities, consciousness, and push the limits of half hour narrative,” he added.

It can easily be said that West has influenced Smith both in fashion and music. Take Smith’s 2017 track “Watch Me,” for example, and you’ll notice that it sounds just like West’s 2013 cut “Black Skinhead.”

It’s also been reported the two used to hang out, but that stopped when Smith’s music started getting more popular. At least that’s what Smith claimed.

As for “Omniverse,” the show is still in development and the premiere date has yet to be released.