Jessie Lawrence Ferguson, the man who portrayed the dirty cop in Boyz n the Hood, has died at 76.

According to TMZ, he died Friday night (April 26) at his home in Palmdale, California. Ferguson’s son Jace reportedly told the celebrity news website that the actor was found next to his bed with the television on. The death comes as a surprise to Ferguson’s family and friends as he was in good health.

“He was a strong, beautiful intelligent black man and he wanted the best for his son and all people,” Jace said.

Law enforcement does not believe foul play was involved and are considering Ferguson’s death due to natural causes.

Jessie Lawrence Ferguson played Officer Coffey in Boyz n the Hood. He’s famous for putting his gun to the throat of Tre Stylez (portrayed by Cuba Gooding Jr.) and threatening to shoot him. “You think you’re tough? I could blow your head off right now. That’s why I took this job,” Coffey says during the scene.

Ferguson also appeared in other films, including The Chosen One, The Presidio and Prince of Darkness.

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