R. Kelly Loses Sexual Abuse Case By Default After Failing To Show Up To Court

After failing to show up to court, R. Kelly lost a civil lawsuit by default earlier this week against Heather Williams, a woman who alleges the R&B singer sexually abused her as a teenager.

In the lawsuit, which was filed in February, the alleged victim, who is identified in court documents as H.W., claimed that in 1998, when she was 16, Kelly began sexually abusing her, according to the Chicago Tribune. She is now 36.

The lawsuit alleges that on the alleged victims’ birthday in 1998, when she turned 16, she was approached on the Chicago street by Kelly, according to The New York Times.

In the lawsuit, the woman goes on to allege that later that day, she was given Kelly’s number by one of the singer’s associates and was told Kelly wanted to “have her come to his studio and be in a video that he was making.”

According to the suit, the alleged sexual abuse started around June 1998, during which Kelly “had sexual intercourse with the minor plaintiff” and also “engaged in oral sex” with her, the outlet reported.

The suit went on to state that the alleged victim decided to come forward after attending therapy.

The woman is one of the four alleged victims Kelly was charged with abusing in February, for which the singer faces 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

A Chicago judge issued a default judgment in the case, as neither Kelly nor his lawyers filed an answer to the suit, or made an appearance in court.

The woman’s lawyer, Jeffrey Deutschman, tells PEOPLE that Kelly was served with the lawsuit while in custody at the Cook County jail in March after failing to pay $161,000 in back child support.

Addressing the lawsuit on Wednesday, Kelly’s publicist Darrell Johnson brushed aside the sexual abuse case, telling the Chicago Sun-Times, “We don’t care about the lawsuit. The lawsuit means nothing to us.”

Kelly’s criminal lawyer Steve Greenberg says, “The lawsuit is ridiculous. It’s based on repressed memories. It’ll get vacated and we’ll be back to square one.”

Deutschman and his client will appear in court again on May 8, where they will get a judgment regarding how much Kelly will have to pay in damages.

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