One Georgia resident made an impressive catch when he snagged a storage unit full of Terrell Owens‘ NFL memorabilia. T.O. wants them back.

According to TMZ Sports, an Atlanta storage company auctioned off one of Owens’ old units after the wide receiver fell delinquent on several payments.

Georgian resident James Rice became the rightful owner of a host of T.O.’s old treasures after paying an undisclosed amount.

The valuables include several pairs of game-worn cleats, a custom bust of Owens, and autographed equipment. The unit also held more personal items such as old playbooks as well as copies of NDAs assumed to be given to partygoers. 

Owens is upset about the way the deal transpired, claiming he was unaware the auction took place. The Hall of Famer has been contacting the company for years trying to retrieve his things to no response. Rice, a furniture store owner, is reportedly willing to give back the Owens memorabilia, but it’s unknown if the two sides have reached an agreement.

Other non-auction recent Owens news mainly include his hot takes. He called out coach Jason Garrett after his old team, the Cowboys, lost again in the playoffs, and talked about George Teague’s “weak” tackle that time he celebrated on the Cowboys star during his 49ers days.

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