Prince’s Unfinished Memoir ‘The Beautiful Ones’ Set To Be Released This Fall

Prince’s estate announced that they have finally finished the memoir he was working on at the time of his death and it’s set to drop this fall.

Random House Publishing Company announced that they have brokered an exclusive partnership with Prince’s estate to publish the singer’s autobiography, ‘The Beautiful Ones.’

The book will be available for purchase on Oct. 29.

According to Complex, it will provide an introspective look into who Prince Rodgers Nelson was as a person as well as his rise as an electric entertainer.

The novel will also feature never-before-seen material, including rare pictures, archived scrapbooks, and handwritten lyric sheets. While he is most known for his musical contributions, THE BEAUTIFUL ONES will also highlight the many facets of Prince’s creativity by incorporating the original treatment for his 1984 Oscar-winning film Purple Rain.

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