It’s no secret that R. Kelly has been dealing with financial hardships after receiving bail money from fans not once but twice, but according to the infamous R&B singer, he’s going to be partying it up tonight to get paid.

(Apr. 6), The 52-year-old took to Instagram to plea with the media to take it easy on him as he tries to build up his bank account with one of the first paid events he’s secured since news broke that he has been charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse in Chicago.

Knowing that he is bound to get bad press for any images and video of him seen partying, Kelly asked the media to  “take it easy” on him, making it clear this is the best way for him to make money at this time.

Although Kelly failed to mention the name of the venue he will be working, he did mention it will be held tonight in Springfield, IL.

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