Nipsey Hussle Memorial Service To Be Held Thursday At The Staples Center

Nipsey Hussle will be honored with a memorial service at the Staples Center on Thursday.

According to TMZ, Sources says, the service will take place Thursday morning at the 21,000 seat venue. We’re told tickets will be available for the event through a website. Only ticket holders will gain admission.

Our sources say there was a meeting Wednesday with Nipsey’s family and honchos from Staples. LAPD officials were also present in the meeting to help plan logistics and security for the event.  

It’s a massive undertaking to plan such a major event in less than a week. Staging equipment must be rented, and the rental companies have already been contacted. We’ve learned ushers who work at Staples have already been asked to reserve the day so they can work.

The turnaround for the venue will also be quick — the final Clippers game for the regular season is the night before.

Nipsey was gunned down on March 31 after alleged killer Eric Holder shot him at least six times. Holder was arrested on Tuesday (April 2) and has since pleaded not guilty. His bond is set at $5 million. He’s expected in court on May 10.Jackson memorial was held there in 2009. 

RIP Nip.

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