Jussie Smollett‘s attorney, Tina Glandian, appeared on NBC’s Today show this morning and suggested the Osundairo brothers, two Nigerian men who claim Jussie hired them to stage a hate crime, may have been wearing “whiteface” during the incident.

“He only saw one of the attackers. One of them he didn’t see. He saw one through a ski mask,” Glandian said. “Again, he could not see their body. Everything was covered, and he had a full ski mask on except the area around the eyes.”

“He did tell police that he — from what we saw, he thought it was pale skin or white or pale skin, was I think what he said,” she added. “And that was what he — and that’s why he initially did have a hard time.”

Glandian continued by suggesting Osundairo brothers had worn whiteface in the past during a skit as The Joker from Batman in clown makeup and may have done it again:

While the two brothers were initially expected to testify against Smollett for allegedly paying them to stage the homophobic and racist attack, since the actor’s charges were dropped by a Cook County prosecutor, the two have since backed off and will not publicly refute Smollett’s claims of innocence.

“Well, you know, I mean, I think there’s — obviously, you can disguise that. You can put makeup on. There is, interestingly enough, a video. You know, I think police had minimal investigation in this case, it took me only five minutes to Google. You know, I was looking up the brothers, and one of the videos that showed up actually was of the brothers in whiteface doing a joker monologue with white makeup on him. So, it’s not — it’s not implausible.”

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