Hollywood star Charlie Sheen is launching his own line of cannabis vapes – after growing sick of bootleggers naming quirky marijuana strains after him.

And the newly-sober actor tells DailyMailTV exclusively that the irony of Hollywood’s wild man getting clean, then launching a cannabis line, isn’t lost on him.

Sheen, who starred in hit movies Wall Street, Platoon and Major League, said he was prompted to start a cannabis line after his business partners told him other growers were cashing in on his famous name.

‘They said, you know, we see your name so ingrained in the marijuana industry. And it’s all bootlegged essentially, I’ve never made a nickel off of it. That didn’t seem fair,’ he told DailyMailTV exclusively.

Sheenius, the actor’s vape line, has a variety of quirkily-named flavors including ‘MaliBlu Dream’, ‘Milli’s Vanilla’, ‘Grandma’s Perfume’ and ‘Clown Mace’, some inspired by his TV and movie catchphrases. 

The star bashfully told DailyMailTV that one flavor, ‘The Legend’, was conceived after he was told he was a ‘legend’ by young people several times on the street.

‘It’s kinda cool, but it’s a little much, you know? Legends aren’t usually still alive. But I started hearing it in enough situations and from a variety of people. And so I said, you know what, let’s give the people what they want.’

Sheen has two businesss partners in the venture, Oz and Tom. 

Oz said he reached out to the actor to start a cannabis business after seeing his name on several marijuana products.

‘I’ve been in the industry for a while, started with growing and, ended up meeting Charlie very randomly through a mutual friend,’ he said.

‘The topic came up because his name has been mentioned so much in the industry. There’s been strains named after him that he had no idea about.

‘His name became popular in the industry. And you kept hearing it and seeing it on the shelf. Let’s say you had 10 strains, and you had Skywalker there, and the next day you had Charlie Sheen,’ he said.

The cannabis entrepreneur said Sheen is now ‘like family’ to him after working with the star since 2017.

‘I can relate to him like i can relate to members of my own family because he’s solid and no bullsh**t,’ he said. 

Oz, who has his own cannabis business working on the cultivation and retail side, said he believes the quality of Sheenius strains, as well as its celebrity CEO, will help it sell.

‘There’s a lot of vape companies out there. It has to be a good product at the end of the day,’ he said.

‘Each flavor that we have, there’s an actual stream behind it. Like MaliBlu Dream, it’s got Charlie in it because he’s from Malibu. But the strain is Blue Dream crossed with Super Silver.

‘Charlie did a lot of work on this, from the logo to the name.’

Oz said Sheenius will launch with six flavors on April 2 in around 20 dispensaries, priced between $60 and $70.

The former Two and a Half Men star said as well as being a moneymaker, he believes Sheenius can help people with medical problems.

‘There’s a certain adrenal excitement about putting it out. We know how good this is, It’s just a question of getting it to the people and them agreeing and wanting more. I think we’ve got a real shot, and it’s really exciting.’

Sheen said his new business has also helped with his recovery.

‘I spend a lot of time with my kids, you know, all day, every day, which is amazing. But it’s terrific to have a project like this that requires a lot of energy, that requires a lot of creative, hands-on focus,’ he said.

Sheen has a daughter Cassandra, 34, with high school sweetheart Paula Profit, daughters Sam, 14, and Lola, 13, with ex-wife Denise Richards and twin sons Bob and Max, nine, with ex-wife Brooke Mueller.

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