Damon Dash Turns Himself In For Child Support Warrants In New York

It looks like the mothers of Ava, Tallulah, and Lucky are demanding six figures from the entrepreneur.

Dame Dash is denying claims that he owes either of his exes back child support, even though earlier today he turned himself in to authorities.

A family court judge reportedly issued a warrant for Dash’s arrest citing that the former Roc-A-Fella Records exec owed almost $400,000 in child support to both Rachel Roy, the mother of his two daughters Tallulah and Ava, and Cindy Morales, the mother of his son Lucky.

Hip Hop mogul Damon Dash may have to spend time behind bars. Dash informed TMZ that he will turn himself into authorities in New York.

The Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder is apparently wanted for warrants for failure to pay child support. He is accused of owing around $400,000 to Cindy Morales and Rachel Roy.

However, the 47-year-old NYC native insisted he does not owe any money.

According to Dash, Roy cuts checks from him through the Rachel Roy Collection company and Morales was given over $100,000 to buy a new house.

“I’ll sit in jail for three or four days or whatever they want to accuse me of doing. I’m an innocent man, so there’s no reason for me not to go turn myself in,” declared Dame. “I’m sick of my name being compromised and I want my company back.”

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Im very proud to announce that like a real boss …I’ve bought back the majority Interest in @rachel_Roy from @topsondowns they didn’t want me announce yet because they wanted Rachel to sign something saying she wouldn’t sue them but that has nothing to do with me…so I’m celebrating cause why would Rachel not want me to buy back the company I invested 6 million of my own money into (like a real boss) only so @ava_dash and @tallulah_dash would have a company to run…so I bought it back and I’m gonna re launch luxury with @ava_dash and @tallulah_dash as the face…we are a real fashion family for years now and we are 100 percent Indy 100 million dollar a year company family owned by a black man… let’s see if the press talks about this @wwd @nytimes @tmz_tv @vibemagazine @theshaderoom @voguemagazine @pagesix @macys @daniel_dnieko told y’all I was gonna buy that back like a boss…I buy companies likes Artist drop albums #bigfacts #bosstalk nice doing biz with you joe and Danny…Rachel please don’t mess this deal up and if you do please publicly explain yourself…who ever doesn’t write about this is an obvious hater y’all said I was broke the last 10 years but when a black man really buys a company y’all don’t wanna say shit… doesn’t matter I’m gonna shit on all of y’all if you try to hate…this is what a real real boss looks like…while y’all talk shit I’m really out here buying companies and you dumasses keep trying to tell me how to act…and say I’m crazy …a boss does and says whatever the fuck he wants cause he could…I doubt y’all ever saw one before…if you don’t like it get the fuck of my page…for everyone else thank you for the support and please celebrate with me…but pay attention to everything especially the bubble gum shit…I been working on this deal for years @vanlathan and @cthagod I need y’all to tell everybody you know @funkflex @hot97 is hurt and won’t talk about that @angiemartinez if you don’t talk about it that’s hating #hustleforyourlastnamenotyourfirst

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