Trump’s Lawyer Threatened The President’s College To Never Release His Grades And SAT Scores

Michael Cohen testified that Trump directed him to threaten his high school, colleges, and the College Board. Cohen provided evidence he contacted one school.

President Donald Trump, through his lawyer, threatened his schools and colleges saying they should never release his grades and SAT scores, Michael Cohen testified according to Buzz Feed News.

Cohen provided the committee with a copy of a single letter, on Trump’s letterhead, that he addressed to the president of Fordham University in New York in May 2015.

The letter to Rev. Joseph McShane threatened the university with legal action if they released Trump’s records to the media without his consent.

The letter also demanded McShane “permanently seal” Trump’s records and to inform Cohen once it was done.

Cohen ended the letter with a P.S., saying, “Trump truly enjoyed his two years at Fordham and has great respect for the University.”

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