Delaware State Trooper Draws Gun on Black Motorist During Traffic Stop, Then Proceeds to Berate Him as ‘You People’

Delaware State Police said they’re reviewing video that shows one of their troopers Corporal O’Neil, drawing a gun on a Black motorist during a traffic stop earlier this month.

The driver, Mack Buckley, posted video from the Feb. 14 encounter on Facebook last week showing the moment the officer yanks open his car door and orders him to step out.

“No, no, no! You cannot, you cannot pull me out of this,” Buckley is heard objecting right before the officer draws his weapon. The frantic motorist can be heard asking several times why the officer pulled his gun.

The trooper, whom he identified as “a Corporal O’Neil,” replies: “Stop reaching for sh–. Hands on the car.”

Authorities declined to comment on the video but said it is under investigation.

“The Delaware State Police is aware of the video and it is currently under review,” Delaware State Police spokesman Sgt. Richard Bratz said in a statement to NBC News, adding that authorities have launched an internal investigation. “I’ll update you further as information becomes available.”

In his Facebook post, Buckley said he was initially pulled over for speeding but was instead ticketed for resisting arrest and issued three traffic citations. He also said he wasn’t allowed to file a complaint against the officer in question after being released from the police station on unsecured bond.

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