Damn Girl: Jordyn Woods Has Been Cut Out of Kardashian Businesses in Because Of Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal

Jordyn Woods tryst with Tristan Thompson cost her more than a few lifelong friendships it cost her some serious coins as well.

According to TMZ, Jordyn has “effectively been excommunicated on the business end of things” when it comes to any of her business deals involving the Kardashian-Jenner family.

That’s a shame for Jordyn, considering she had a healthy working relationship with the Kardashians prior.

She has a joint makeup line with Kylie and even had her own page on Khloe’s Good American fashion site … where she modeled jeans and was part of the #goodsquad.

Her entire Good American page has been removed from Khloe’s site, and our sources say Jordyn has ruined any potential opportunity for future ventures. We’re told her betrayal by fooling around with Tristan is unrecoverable. 

Jordyn’s on the outs with Kylie too. Our sources say her security clearance has been revoked from Kylie’s gated neighborhood, so she can’t come and go as she pleases anymore. As we told you … Jordyn moved out and is back living with her mom. 

We’re told Kylie seems to be leaving the door somewhat open for a possible reconciliation with Jordyn and the sisters are saying they wouldn’t be surprised if Kylie outright forgives her down the line, but she’ll never go back into business with her. 

Was Tristan really worth losing the coins over?