Atlanta rapper Rich the Kid and his entourage were robbed at a famous Hollywood recording studio while Usher was working inside, it has been revealed.  

According to The Daily Mail Witnesses told TMZ that as many as 10 shots were fired outside the Westlake Recording Studio around 3.13pm on Tuesday afternoon. 

The gunman, who has not been identified, opened fire as he ran away from the studio. 

Authorities said that Usher was inside the studio and was not harmed during the incident. 

But sources told TMZ that Rich, 26, was the target of a robbery at the studio, and that multiple members of his entourage were attacked. 

Police said that three suspects confronted Rich, whose real name is Dimitri Roger, and two members of his entourage in an alley behind the recording studio. 

The three men demanded money and jewelry from the rapper and his companions and then physically assaulted them. 

One of Rich’s bodyguards was ‘badly pistol-whipped’ and the suspects reportedly ‘made off with a ton of cash and jewelry’. 

The suspects then ran from the scene, firing multiple shots before they fled in a white sports car. 

Witness Ray Leon saw one of the men take out a gun and fire six shots into the street.  

‘I just heard pop, pop, pop,’ he told ABC 7. ‘There was about six pops. I got down really quick. He was firing and the car sped away.’ 

Aerial footage of the scene showed Rich speaking to paramedics following the incident.

Police said three people were treated at the scene and released. Rich’s representatives have said he is doing okay after the robbery.