Controversial singer R. Kelly was spotted outside of a Chicago recording studio on Sunday night in violation of a court-ordered curfew.

Kelly was ultimately cited for multiple building code violations, including evidence of individuals living in the non-residential building.  As a result, Chicago Judge Patrice Ball-Reed imposed a curfew ordering everyone out of the studio by 9pm.

R. Kelly was seen leaving the studio and getting into a Jeep Wrangler after 11pm.  Moments before he left the studio, a member of his entourage allegedly stole the keys of a news car rented by an Atlanta television news station.

A reporter and cameraperson for local Atlanta TV station CBS46 staked out R. Kelly as he and a number of other people were inside a recording studio throughout the day on Sunday.

Several people were filmed going in and out of the studio throughout the day, according to CBS46.

Last month, members of the Chicago Fire Department and city building inspectors raided the studio, where R. Kelly is alleged to have sexually abused a number of women. 

Television news reporter Jonathan Carlson said individuals who entered the studio were aware of the stakeout, which also included his photographer, Eric Carlton.

Sometime between 11pm and 11.30pm, a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited which reportedly belongs to Kelly pulled up onto the sidewalk just near the entrance of the studio.

The two-man crew got out of their news car and raced to the entrance to begin filming.

Carlson left the driver’s side window open and the keys were still in the car. He stood behind the Jeep and Carlton was in front.

While they were recording, a black Audi SUV with no license plate pulled up alongside the reporters’ car. Video shows an unidentified man opening the door of the news car.

Carlson then runs toward the car. By the time he got there, the unidentified man had closed the door to the news car and gotten back into the Audi SUV.

Carlson banged on the rear fender of the Audi in an attempt to get a response from the driver, but the car drove away. He then looked inside his car and noticed the keys were missing. Moments later, a group of people emerged from the studio entrance.

Carlson then began to film at the scene. It was then that a man who appeared to be R. Kelly got into the waiting Jeep Wrangler. At least one more person climbed into the Jeep before it drove away.

The two television news employees called the police and filed a report about the stolen keys.

No arrests have been made thus far.

R. Kelly’s lawyer, Steve Greenberg, denied that his client had anything to do with the theft.

‘These guys are out there and someone stole their key fob,’ Greenberg told ABC7.

‘They probably just lost it themselves and are looking for a cover story, but they think someone stole their key fob.

‘How does that have anything to do with Mr. Kelly?’

The incident occurred outside of the same Chicago studio where R. Kelly allegedly kept some of the women he is accused of sexually abusing.