A recent photo tennis star Serena Williams uploaded to her Instagram page looks very familiar to lots of parents.

The 23-time Grand Slam winner has no qualms about demonstrating how devoted she is as a mother, and that has resorted to her climbing inside her daughter’s crib in a new Instagram post.

Letting the Monday, Feb. 11, photo do all the talking, Williams smiled as she spooned young Olympia Ohanian, who gazed at something capturing her attention.

The image, which some hypothesized showed Williams sleep training her 1-year-old, marks the most recent time that the athlete has shown how far she’ll go to make her baby comfy.

In December, Williams got ready for the Australian Open and had to work out while holding her sleepy, unhappy baby.

And back in October, Williams decided she wasn’t above asking for help and put out a call when she had trouble getting her baby to relax and enjoy herself on a flight.